Ring Game 2000

New! I figured out how to do a cool "duotone" coloring process with Corel PhotoPaint, so the pictures that were in black-and-white are now transformed into cool sepia-type images. Not as good as full color, but better than boring black-and-white.

Ok, you know the drill, click on the links to go to the gallery you want (Good team, Evil team, or "Game" pictures). Special thanks to my photo volunteers (in no particular order):

Cheese Grater Award

A special "Cheese Grater Award" goes to my nephew, Joe Barker, who for some reason re-loaded the camera with black-and-white film during the pre-game photo-taking. D'oh! So if you wonder why some pictures are lacking in color... blame Joe!

Hey, where's my picture?

Sorry, there was a bit of a problem with film reloading towards the end of the picture-taking process, and some pictures didn't turn out. Sorry!


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