Ring Game Fall 2002:

Welcome to the latest addition to the Ring Game web site, commemorating the truly epic contest that took place on October 26, 2002. In the final moments of the game, each of the three teams found itself moments away from victory. Truly, every player and all four wizards are to be commended for what is sure to go down in the Annals of Ring Game as one for the ages. In the end, though, Sauron held the Ring in his gloved hand, giving Evil the victory and plunging Middle-Earth into darkness and chaos for all time. Or until next Spring, when we start all over again...

But enough of my yakkin'! I know what you're really here for! Pictures and stories! Please join me in giving thanks to (in alphabetical order) Caroline, Mike N., Nick (and mom Joanna), P.Orc, Shanda, and Shannon for taking pictures (and for letting me post them here). Just click on the pictures below to be taken to that person's set. Mike, how'd you manage to not get your own picture taken all day? Unless that's you under the mask and I've got the wrong picture for P.Orc... *sigh* it gets so hard to keep track of that White Hand horde sometimes...

Good Team
Evil Team
Mike N.
P. Orc

You want stories? We got stories! In addition to my own long-winded boring narrative, there are also exciting and humorous reports from Scott (Sauron), Sarah (Lindir), Nick (Gollum) and Dave (Saruman), as well as a moving message from Todd (Gandalf). There's also a bit of silliness courtesy of Adam and the rest of the White Hand Horde. Click below for the page to which you wish to go:

Gollum'sss Sssstory
The Mouth that Roared!
Saruman's Diatribe
White Hand

*Note: Sarah's story is located off-site on her own page!
Got your own story you want to share? Well heck, e-mail it to me, and I'll be happy to format it and post it! We've got so many of 'em now, it's beginning to look like a Kurosawa film!

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