This game will certainly be remembered for two things: the truly horrible weather, and the truly heroic fortitude of the players. While Evil did capture the Ring, everyone who was still in the game at the end was a winner. The cameras I distributed at the beginning came back with so few photos taken that I've decided to hang on to them until the Fall game and reuse them. In the meantime, you can check out the pictures I took, as well as some pics from "White Hand Orc Erik." Just added! Pics from Aragorn and Radagast! I've also taken the liberty of HTML-isizing Gandalf & Saruman's stories. Stacey has provided the story from the Ringbearers' point of view, and of course, there's my long-winded, boring, self-indulgent rant:

Bilbo's Pics!            White Hand Alex
My Pics!    Aragorn's Pics    Radagast's Pics    White Hand Pics!

Saruman's Story    Gandalf's Story    Frodo's Tale    I, Hobbit
Saruman's Story    Gandalf's Story    Frodo's Story    Bilbo's Story

With regards to the team photos, about halfway through picture-taking, my notebook became soaked and useless (no surprise there). I've done my best to fill in character names according to what I did get in the book before it was sogged, and from my own feeble memory. Nevertheless, there are some people in both galleries who are simply labeled "Good" or "Evil" with a number. If you happen to see yourself as one of these, feel free to e-mail me at, and I will try to update the page to reflect new information. Also, my apologies to anyone whose picture is rather blurred and/or smeared—I'm afraid my shivering and some water on the lens made some photos less-than-good. Sorry!

Good Team    Evil Team
Good Team    Evil Team