Ring Game Spring 2003

Another Ring Game has come and gone, and this one will surely be memorable for many things: the record turnout (176 players!), the new Menace Kills record (100 bounces!), the first time Evil has won both the starting game and the restart, the hot dry weather, the belly dancing (woo hoo!) and of course, the pimpinest pimp daddy Gandalf "G-Money" ever, just to name a few.

By now, you know the drill: select the gallery that you wish to view by clicking the appropriate image below. I'll add more as pictures trickle in. I'm also waiting for stories, and when those arrive, I'll post them, too. Note that there is even a gallery of movies (.avi and .mpg formats) this time around! Enjoy!

Note: apparently, I did "hover buttons" with Java back when this page was first published. It was recently brought to my attention that those don't work with iPads and such, so I've deleted those and just replaced them with the images that would appear when the hover buttons were engaged.

Good Team Evil Team
Beth's Pics Bob's Pics Jack's Pics
Ken's Pics Shan's Pics Movies


We now have three, count 'em three, stories from the Spring 2003 Ring Game. Mine,  Mark "Sexy Troll" Röethke's, and Mike "Oh Captain My Captain" Smith! Check 'em out!

Denethor's Tale of Woe
Trollish Account
The Captain's Tale

Bonus! Rachel sent two pictures, which doesn't really warrant a whole gallery, but here they are! Click on the images to see the full-sized photos:



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