Here are the photo galleries from the Fall 2006 Ring Game. Thanks as always to everyone who donated their pictures for inclusion here, especially my brother Gunnar from Agile Photography, without whom we wouldn't have very many pictures at all due to the yucky rainy weather. Professional prints of Gunnar's pictures (including the team portrait photos) can be purchased for very reasonable rates by visiting the Agile Photography web site (click on "view your photos here," then click on "Log In" next to the Ring Game Event Name, enter your e-mail address, then make your selections!

The Good Team

The Evil Team

Annalisa's Pics

Gunnar's Pics

Pam's Pics

Rich's Pics

Shannon's Pics

By the way, Patrick also sent along a few photos, but they were mixed in with his Second Age pictures, so I just lumped them all together here.

Chuck and Kaydi made a surprise appearance after the game started (we all thought they were still in Italy!), and I took this photo of them at Culvers: it's the only actual "Jack" photo this game! Click on it to see the big version.

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