Rules for the Live Ring Game (1973)

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Legend has it that Jeff McKinnon (the originator of the Wisconsin Ring Game) was at least partially inspired by booklet called The Live Ring Game which outlined rules for an outdoor-based strategy and role-playing game based on Lord of the Rings. Jeff and some members of the Lafollette High School Chess & Strategy Club discussed the booklet and in 1977 decided to give the game a try. For years, your humble webmaster has tried to get my hands on a copy of this "original" Ring Game rulebook without luck. Until now! On February 10, 2008, I was outbid at the last second on a copy that was on eBay, but the winning bidder (who has asked to remain anonymous) was nice enough to send me a photocopy of it in exchange for copies of our modern Ring Game and Second Age rulebooks.

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