Beta Test Game • September 21, 2002

The SA "beta test" took place Saturday, September 21, 2002 (the closest Saturday to Bilbo & Frodo's birthday). Fifty-one players participated. The twenty-six Good Team members had a total of 1,184½ points, the twenty Evil Team members had a total of 1,574¼ points (959¼ points not including the two Balrogs), and the six Dwarves had 315½ points. The game went down to the very last minute, with both teams making last-ditch heroic efforts—Celeborn managed to race from Orodruin to the site of Eryn Galen just in time to establish the Lothlorien citadel at 4:58 PM; meanwhile, the Evil Team repelled a determined final assault on Haradwaith by the Good army. Thus, the game ended in a draw. Naturally, lots of pictures were taken—use the links below for those that are already available, and check back here for more pictures soon!

Good Team    Evil Team    Dwarves    Bob's Pics    Jack's Pics    Kerry's Pics    Shanda's Pics    Shannon's Pics

Operation Valar 2002

About twenty-five people showed up on September 7th for "Operation Valar," our big "clean up the park" effort. The park rangers were very impressed by the turnout, as well as the large amount of trash we collected! Click here for pictures!

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