September 20, 2003

Holy smoke, have we got a TON of pictures from this game (424 at last count, not counting the Good & Evil team portraits)! Thanks to everyone who donated their digital pictures, or used one of the disposable cameras I had available (alas, I neglected to make note of who those individuals were, so I will have to postpone thanking them by name). I'm pretty sure Shanda had one of the disposables, and I'm 100% sure that she got them developed and scanned for me, so I can at least thank her here. Extra-special thanks also to Scott, who took all of the official team portraits, and still found time to get a few hilarious snapshots, also.

If you played in the 2003 Second Age Game and have not done so already, please take a minute to fill out the opinion survey. Just FYI, yes, I already know all about the dwarves, so please try to find something else to comment on. Thank you for your participation.

Since there are so many pictures to get to, I'm going to eschew the usual clever icons and just present links to the various picture galleries. Other than the team portraits, they are organized by who took the photos. Shannon's are first because she's always way in the back when they're in alphabetical order.

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