The 2007 Second Age Game was held on Saturday, September 22rd. The weather was beautiful, paving the way for a game that was enjoyed by all. Beth took over as SAA chairperson and added some exciting new features to the game, such as the "minigames" that added more things for players to do, as well as new tactical challenges for the team leaders. Alas, due to many of our regulars moving out of town, and most of the "I only play one game in the Fall" folks choosing the Ring Game 30th Anniversary, we had the smallest turnout ever. And lots of those who did show up didn't bother to have their pictures taken! So there are very few team member photos, but here's what there is:

Good Team

Evil Team

Dwarves & Dragons

Beth's Pics

Sleepy John's Pics

Jack's Pics

Jon's Pics

Sarah's Pics

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