We tried an experiment this year, and changed the game date to the same weekend as Ring Game picks, in hopes that more out-of-town people would come to Second Age and stay over for Ring Game picks. Unfortunately, we only had 21 players (a new low turnout). And lots of in-town people said they couldn't come because it was too close to Ring Game. However, the 21 players we did have all reported having a great time! Next year, I believe the plan is to move it back to its old "two Saturdays after Labor Day" schedule, which hopefully will allow more people to play. Hey, if everyone who played this year brings one friend next year, we'll have 42 players! So start bugging your friends about it now!

Here's some galleries of photos—for a change, I've put all three teams into one gallery. Enjoy!

Jack's Photos

Jay's Photos

Sleepy John's Photos

Team Photos

Shannon's Photos

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