Directions to the Game!


Allow yourself a good hour-and-a-half to get from Madison to the judging area!

Step-by-step directions

1. From Madison, go south/southwest on Highway 18/151 approximately 38 miles.

2. As you approach Dodgeville, bear right onto the Hwy. 18 exit (northwest) into Dodgeville.

3. At the Highway 18/Highway 23 intersection (there's a stoplight), turn right (north) onto Hwy. 23.

4. Continue north out of Dodgeville, and go about four miles on Hwy. 23. You'll go past the "House on the Rock Inn" on the right and the "Don Q Inn" on the left.

5. Turn right into the park entrance (you can't miss it) and stop at the ranger station to get an admission pass if you don't already have one.

6. Follow the signs towards the Twin Valley Lake boat dock. Basically, you just go straight through all the intersections you come to. About a quarter-mile before you reach the boat dock (roughly four miles from the ranger station), you'll see a parking lot and picnic shelter on the right. Turn into that parking lot and find a place to park. You've arrived!

Coming from someplace besides Madison?

Click here to go to Yahoo Driving Directions, enter your starting location in the starting address fields, enter the park's address (4175 State Road 23, Dodgeville, WI 53533) into the destination, and click "Get Directions." That should get you to the park entrance, follow the last map above to get to the staging area.

After the game, be sure to stop by the Dodgeville A&W!

7. I'll assume you can make your way out of the park. When you get back to the entrance, turn left onto Hwy. 23 (south).

8. Continue south back towards Dodgeville, once again passing the Don Q Inn and the House on the Rock Inn.

9. At the first stoplight in Dodgeville (County Road Yz), turn left. The A&W will be about a half-block away on the right.

You're on your own to get home from there!

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Updated September 18, 2002.