Directions to Gov. Dodge Park
from Minneapolis/St. Paul


The short version of the directions is as follows: I-90/94 to Hwy. 82 to Hwy. 58 to Hwy. 33 to Hwy. 23 to Gov. Dodge State Park. See below for more specific turn-by-turn directions. Click here for a printable (Adobe Acrobat) version of these directions.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

1. Leave the Twin Cities going East on Interstate Highway 94. I-94 will merge with I-90 at Tomah. Approximately 24 miles after the highways merge, exit the Interstate at Exit 69 (Hwy. 82, Mauston). Turn right at the bottom of the exit. You'll see a big BP Amoco/Kwik Trip truck stop on the north side of the road (next to Pizza Hut).

2. Go straight on Hwy. 82 for roughly 0.6 miles, where you'll come to a "T" intersection with a stoplight. Turn left at the T intersection onto Hwy. 58. Approximately 0.2 miles ahead, turn right onto E. State St. to remain on Hwy. 58.

3. Approximately 0.3 miles ahead, turn left onto Division St., once again remaining on Hwy. 58. Hwy. 58 will now take you south out of Mauston.

4. Continue south on Hwy. 58 for approximately 15 miles. Just before you get to LaValle, turn left onto Hwy. 33.

5. Just about a mile later, you'll come to another "T" intersection (in "downtown" LaValle). Turn left on N. Main St. to remain on Hwy. 33.

6. Stay on Hwy. 33 for approximately seven miles until you get to Reedsburg. Turn right onto Hwy. 23 (there's a gas station on the corner).

7. Follow Hwy. 23--you'll arrive in Spring Green after roughly 26 miles. In Spring Green, you need to turn left to remain on Hwy. 23.

8. Approximately a half-mile later, turn right, once again staying on Hwy. 23. Watch your speed, the local police love to bust out-of-state speeders!

9. Once through Spring Green, you're on the home stretch! Continue on Hwy. 23 for another 14 miles (you'll pass The House on the Rock) until you arrive at Governor Dodge State Park. Turn left into the park, stop at the Ranger Station to get your park admittance sticker if necessary, and be sure to "check in" if you are going to be staying overnight in the camp site!

10. Follow the signs to "Hickory Ridge Group Camp" on the park road for approximately three miles. You'll see a big "Hickory Ridge" sign--turn left at that crossroads.

11. At the next crossroads (roughly 0.8 miles), turn left. At this point, you should be following the signs pointing to Camp Site H.

12. You'll go over a bridge, past a water fountain (and the "backpack" camp sites' parking lot), and then come to yet another "T" intersection. Turn right, and you're at the Camp Site H parking area. Find a spot to park, you've arrived!


During the summer, the various highways noted in these directions sometimes get detoured because of road construction. I would strongly recommend bringing along a Wisconsin state highway map to use as a backup in case such detours result in getting lost!

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Last Updated: April 22, 2005.