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Well, I finally finished off the roll of film that was lost and then found. And boy oh boy, was it worth the wait... uh oh, better turn off the sarcasm detector or the Sarcasm Police will come and arrest me... Nobody has yet come forward to take credit for these pictures, but feel free to check 'em out anyway...

Sauron speaks!    Beorn's Tail
When Sauron Speaks, You'd Better Listen, Worm!         

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Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Ring Game Web Site! The last Ring Game of the millennium was played on October 28th, 2000. In case you missed it, the good team was victorious! My nephew Joe (playing Frodo) pretty much single-handedly kicked the Evil team's collective butt. OK, to be fair, he had help from Gandalf, and the Good team provided a most excellent distraction of Sauron. And we mustn't diminish the contribution of the "Northern Elf Team." And "Alex the Ranger" deserves MVP honors for his skillful use of the Stone of Galadriel (reviving the entire Good army after Sauron-related defeats twice). Plus there was that guy in the bear suit. But you've got to give Joe his props for evading Evil by climbing straight up the sheer side of Barad-Dur. Wow.

Sauron speaks!

Never let it be said that this web site doesn't allow a free and equitable exchange of opinions. Jake Sullivan, who played Sauron, has some issues with the Good team's version of events. You can read his account (which raises some very good points, no pun intended) by clicking here (or click his picture at the top of this page).

A big thanks to Rick Lenz for tracking down the lost camera! As I mentioned above, I still don't know who actually had the camera during the game and was taking pictures with it. So, Joe still gets his honorary "cheese grater award" for this game (see last Spring for Joe's first cheese grater). For those of you who haven't heard this story yet, before the game started, I asked Joe to find some people to take pictures with my disposable cameras (one Good, one Evil, one White Hand) for later inclusion on this very site. He did so, but the ding-dong forgot who he gave them to! It wasn't until several weeks after the game that my e-mail plea to the Evil team was answered by Rick, who reported that "first Chris found it, then Bill had it, then I had it."

Last, but not least, special thanks go out to my photography recruits, Chris Phistry and George Henion, who were nice enough to help me document the action.


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